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Relentless Pursuit of Justice

When you want the best possible outcome for your legal case, look no further than AMD Law. Our experienced and knowledgeable legal team will apply every law and precendent available under the law to your case. It is this persistance that has given us the reputation as an unrelenting law firm dead set on providing our clients with the best possible representation.

As we relentlessly pursue this positive outcome for your unique legal case, AMD Law works tirelessly to break down the specifics within your case in a way you can understand. While your case may be complex, it is our objective to break ti down in a way that is easy for you to comprehend, allowing you to make the best choices for your individual cirumstances.

More About Us

Estate Planning

Las Vegas Asset Protection

Protecting your assets and estate have never been more straightforward than after you hire AMD Law as your Estate Planning firm. The go-to estate planning law firm in Las Vegas offers everything you need individually, for your family, and for your future.

Estate Planning

Last will and testament, living wills, and similar documentation.


Rest peacefully knowing that we will have your back even in the future.


Protecting your assets, minimizing your liability under the law.

Trust Administration

Managing your assets according to your wishes is our main goal.

Business Law

Las Vegas Business Attorneys

Your legal advisor from the inception of your business through it's sell, AMD Law offers in-depth understanding of the complex legal issues pertaining to your business. Get the help you need to navigate with ease, making smart business decisions every step in between.

Business Formation

Selecting the right delegations for your business.


Ensuring that clauses and terms are in your favor.

Corporate Law

Keeping your books, minutes, and resolutions.

Tax Planning

Minimizing your financial liabilities while operating legally.

Personal Injury

Accident Injury Attorney

Collecting the maximium compensation for your injuries and loss of income due to negligence is our top priority. We go beyond superficial losses to make you whole and continue on a path of full recovery.

Auto Accidents

Caused by drunk, distracted and negligent drivers.

Slip & Fall

Injuries sustained at other's properties due to negligence.

Premise Liability

Stopping defective or unsafe products or practices.

Wrongful Death

Helping to right these wrongs for mourning survivors.

Criminal Defense

Clear Your Name Completely

Your innocence will be proven in a court of law by our experienced criminal defense attorneys. Choosing AMD Law as your criminal defense firm will ensure that no stone is unturned in the pursuit of your reputation and to keep you out of jail by putting the puzzle together.


Even minor crimes deserve great representation.


Defending you in DUI, TRO, and other minor crimes.

Felony Crimes

Keeping you out of jail and absolving your name.


Overturning wrongful convictions in upper level courts.


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